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Table 1 Overview of the sample material

From: Monitoring of Paraquat in soya products intended for animal feed

  No. of samples
Soya producta
  Soya bean meal (partly steam-heated or dehulled) 144
  Soya beans (untreated, steam-heated or toasted) 11
  Soya bean protein concentrate 10
  Soya bean expeller 7
  Soya bean hulls 2
Genetically modified soybeans
  Genetically modified organism (GMO) 94
  Non-GMO 68
  Unknown 12
Region of origin
  Brazil 88
  Argentina 11
  Russia 11
  India 6
  USA 4
  Ukraine 2
  PR China 2
  Austria 2
  Canada 1
  Lithuania 1
  North America 1
  Norway 1
  Unknownb 44
  1. aDetailed definitions of the various soya products are given in the official catalogue of feed materials (European Commission, 2017a)
  2. bEspecially for samples from manufacturers of compound feeding stuffs, the region of origin and the point of entry into the EU had to be marked as “Unknown” because there is no obligation to label where feed materials were cultivated