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Table 3 Chromatographic conditions of the LC-MS/MS system

From: Pesticides residue analysis in yam from selected markets across Ghana and Belgium: an evaluation of the QUECHERS method

HPLC Instrument Waters ACQUITY UPLC
Column Waters HSS T3 (1.8 μm)
Injection volume 10 μL
Oven temperature 40 °C
Mobile phase A Water + 10 mM ammoniumacetate
Mobile phase B Acetonitrile + 0.1% formic acid
Flow 0.4 mL/min
Gradient 0–0.25 min 2% solvent B
0–7 min linear gradient to 98% solvent B
7–8 min 98% solvent B
8–9 min linear gradient to 2% solvent
9–10 min 2% solvent B
Detector Triple quadrupole mass spectrometer
Spectrometer None
Interface Electrospray ionisation
Potential 5000 V
Temperature 500 °C
Scan type MRM (Multiple Reaction Monitoring Mode)
Collision gas Argon