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Table 3 Microbiological contamination of meat from the clam Tivela mactroides, before and after thermal processing, sampled in Caraguatatuba Bay, southeastern Brazil

From: Assessment of contamination of the beach clam Tivela mactroides: implications for food safety of a recreational and subsistence marine resource in Caraguatatuba Bay, Brazil

Agents Unit Ref. val. Thermal processing
Brasil, Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária ( 2001 ) FAO/WHO Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations/World Health Organization ( 2008 ) Site 2 Site 5
Before After Before After
Fecal coliforms MPN/g 50 700 ≥2400 <3 9 9
Staphylococcus aureus CFU/g 1000   12000 Abs. 4000 Abs.
Salmonella sp.   Abs.   Pres. Abs. Pres. Abs.
Vibrio cholerae   Abs.   Pres. Abs. Pres. Pres.
  1. Ref. Val. = maximum reference limits for human consumption, MPN = most probable number, CFU = colony-forming units, Abs. = absence, Pres. = presence.