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Table 2 Mycotoxins removal percentage of different yeast strains

From: Detoxification approaches of mycotoxins: by microorganisms, biofilms and enzymes

Strain Mycotoxins Sample Removal (%) References
S. cerevisiae AFM1 UHT skim milk 90.3 (Corassin et al. 2013)
S. cerevisiae RC008 OTA YPD broth 82.3 (Armando et al. 2012)
S. cerevisiae AFM1 PBS 78.7 (Abdelmotilib et al. 2018)
S. cerevisiae YS3 PAT Apple juice 72.6 (Yue et al. 2011)
Kluyveromyces Lactis AFM1 PBS 69.1 (Abdelmotilib et al. 2018)
Kazachstania servazzii KFGY7 OTA Milk 62 (Taheur et al. 2017)
S. cerevisiae 0068 AFB1 PBS 46.7 (Chlebicz and Śliżewska 2020)