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Table 1 Most common food-born mycotoxins, their fungi producer and foods host for them

From: Mycotoxin detoxification of food by lactic acid bacteria

Mycotoxin Food Fungi Reference
Aflatoxins Nuts A. flavus
A. parasiticus
Groopman and Wogan (2015)
Dried fruits Lee and Ryu (2015)
Cereals Chen et al. (2018)
Milk Blanchard and Manderville (2016)
Qian et al. (2014)
Ochratoxins Cereals A. ochraceus
A. carbonarius
Penicillium verrucosum
Blanchard and Manderville (2016)
Roasted coffee beans Powder
Shin et al. (2019)
Dried vine Fruits
Grape juice
Fumonisins Maize Processed products thereof Fusarium verticillioides
F. proliferatum
Shephard (2008)
Smith (2018)
Chen et al. (2018)
Deoxynivalenol Cereals F. sporotrichioides
F. graminearum
F. culmorum
P. poae
F. roseum
F. tricinctum
F. acuminatum
Rocha et al. (2014)
Wang et al. (2018)
Alizadeh et al. (2015)
Zearalenone Cereals specially corn F. granimearum
F. culmorum
F. crookwellense
Shephard (2008)
Gajęcka et al. (2017)
Trichothecenes Cereals specially F. graminearum F. culmorum Beasley (2017)
Woloshuk and Shim (2013)
Patulin Fruits Vegetables Apple juice P. expansum Speijers et al. (1988)
Selmanoglu and Koçkaya (2004)