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Table 3 Vegetable and rice samples with pesticide residues detected by LC-MS/MS in 2017, 2018, and 2019

From: Pesticide traces in local crops of Sancti Spíritus, Cuba: risk assessment study

Samples difenoconazole tebuconazole imidacloprid triadimenol azoxystrobin propiconazole pyrimethanil methamidophos acephate dimethoate fenpropimorph
2017 onion nd nd nd-0.018 nd nd-0.021 nd nd nd nd nd nd
sweet pepper nd-0.018 nd-0.095 nd-0.516 nd-0.045 nd-0.086 nd- < LOQ nd nd nd nd nd
tomato nd-0.024 nd-0.096 nd-0.129 nd-0.027 nd-0.136 nd- < LOQ nd- < LOQ nd- < LOQ nd- < LOQ nd nd
2018 cucumber nd nd nd-0.021 nd nd nd nd-0.113 nd nd nd nd
onion nd nd- < LOQ nd-0.071 nd nd nd- < LOQ nd-0.302b nd-0.038b nd nd nd
sweet pepper nd nd nd nd nd-0.051 nd-0.037b nd nd nd nd nd
rice nd nd nd-0.113 nd nd nd nd nd nd nd nd
tomato nd nd-0.070 nd-0.020 nd- < LOQ nd-0.014 nd nd-0.505 nd-0.293b nd nd nd
2019 cucumber nd- < LOQ nd nd-0.002 nd nd nd nd nd nd nd- < LOQ nd- < LOQ
sweet pepper nd-0.006 nd-0.002 nd-0.021 nd nd-0.003 nd-0.007 nd nd nd nd- < LOQ nd- < LOQ
tomato nd nd nd- < LOQ nd nd- < LOQ nd nd-0.005 nd nd- < LOQ nd- < LOQ nd-0.003
MRL (mg kg−1) European/Cuban tomato 2/− 0.9/0.2 0.5/0.5 0.3/− 3.0/3.0 3/− 1/− 0.01a/− 0.01a/− 0.01a/− 0.01a/−
onion 0.5/− 0.15/− 0.1/0.1 0.01a/− 10.0/10.0 0.01a/− 0.2/− 0.02a/− 0.02a/− 0.01a/− 0.01a/−
Sweet pepper 0.8/− 0.6/0.5 1.0/1.0 0.5/− 3.0/3.0 0.01a/− 2/− 0.01a/− 0.01a/− 0.01a/0.5 0.01a/−
cucumber 0.3/− 0.6/0.2 1.0/1.0 0.15/0.2 1.0/1.0 0.01a/− 0.7/− 0.01a/− 0.01a/− 0.01a/− 0.01a/−
rice 3/− 1/− 1.5/− 0.01a/− 5.0/5.0 1.5/− 0.05a/− 0.01a/− 0.01a/− 0.01a/− 0.01a/−
  1. In certain cases, pesticide residues are detected but are below the limit of quantification (0.001 mg kg-1) and are therefore reported as “<LOQ”. “a” Indicates lower limit of analytical determination (default value). “b” Indicates exceedances of MRL values