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Table 2 Processing factors (PF) considered in the study

From: Pesticide traces in local crops of Sancti Spíritus, Cuba: risk assessment study

Active ingredient Crops Processing PF Active ingredient Crops Processing PF
alachlor onion cooked 1a imidacloprid cucumber raw with peel 1a
bifenthrin onion cooked 1a imidacloprid sweet pepper cooked 1a
chlorothalonil onion cooked 1a lindane onion cooked 1c
chlorothalonil tomato raw with peel 1a lindane cucumber raw with peel 1c
cyhalothrin rice cooked 0.004a methamidophos tomato raw with peel 1b
cypermethrin sweet pepper cooked 0.71a propiconazole sweet pepper cooked 1a
cypermethrin tomato raw with peel 0.88a pyrimethanil onion cooked 0.75d
difenoconazole sweet pepper cooked 1a pyrimethanil cucumber raw with peel 0.75d
endosulfan onion cooked 0.23b pyrimethanil tomato raw with peel 0.7d
fenpropimorph tomato raw with peel 1a tebuconazole tomato raw with peel 0.78a
imidacloprid rice cooked 0.04a     
  1. a(RIVM 2015)
  2. b(Tomer and Sangha 2013)
  3. c(Holland et al. 1994)
  4. d(Liang et al. 2013)