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Table 6 Aflatoxin concentration in different poultry feed ingredients from large- and small-scale processors

From: Awareness of mycotoxins and occurrence of aflatoxins in poultry feeds and feed ingredients in selected regions of Uganda

Processor’s scale of productionAflatoxin concentration Mean ± SD (ppb)
MukeneMaize branSoybeanCotton seedSunflower seed
Large scale8.75 ± 3.18a22.25 ± 6.01b16.75 ± 7.42b20.25 ± 6.71a17.00 ± 7.78b
Small scale19.25 ± 5.30a103.25 ± 22.98a52.75 ± 0.35a67.25 ± 22.98a62.25 ± 2.47a
  1. Data represents Mean ± standard deviation of two samples from two processors of each category
  2. abMeans with different superscripts in the same column are significantly different at p < 0.05