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Table 5 Occurrence and aflatoxin concentrations in different poultry feed types from large- and small-scale processors

From: Awareness of mycotoxins and occurrence of aflatoxins in poultry feeds and feed ingredients in selected regions of Uganda

Processor’s scale of productionAflatoxin concentration Mean ± SD (ppb)
Chick mashGrowers MashBroiler FinisherLayers mashBroiler mash
Large scale26.75 ± 11.85b86.5 ± 116.54a46.50 ± 23.23b40.40 ± 31.50b24.75 ± 13.99b
Small scale69.38 ± 16.24a125.87 ± 96.74a185.25 ± 142.03a98.38 ± 79.08a105.37 ± 125.34a
  1. Data represents Mean ± standard deviation of 4 samples from 4 processors of each category
  2. abMeans with different superscripts in the same column are significantly different at p < 0.05