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Table 2 Sample analysis techniques (GC-MS and LC-MS/MS) and limit of quantitation (LOQ) used to detect and quantify different types of pesticides in our experiments

From: Cabbage or ‘pesticide’ on the platter? Chemical analysis reveals multiple and excessive residues in African vegetable markets

Pesticide Pesticide group Technique used (LOQa) (mg/kg)
Chlorpyriphos Organophosphate GC-MS 0.01
Triazophos Organophosphate 0.01
Cypermethrin Pyrethroid 0.02
Fenvarelate Pyrethroid 0.02
Chlorfenapyr Pyrole 0.01
Acephate Organophosphate LC-MS/MS 0.01
Methamidophos Organophosphate 0.01
Methomyl Carbamate 0.01
Chorantraniliprole Diamide 0.01
Imidacloprid Neonicotinoids 0.01
  1. aLOQ Limit of quantitation