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Table 1 Summary details of the sampling sites, including the type of sampling market, district, village and geographic positioning of the site

From: Cabbage or ‘pesticide’ on the platter? Chemical analysis reveals multiple and excessive residues in African vegetable markets

Type of market Sample codea District Village/Mall/Town GPS Coordinates
Supermarket NEsup1 North East Sunshine Plaza mall S21. 11,115, E027. 32,117
Supermarket NEsup2 North East Nzano Centre Mall S21. 10,697, E027. 30,700
Supermarket NEsup3 North East Sunshine Plaza mall S21. 11,115, E027. 32,117
Vendor NEven1 North east Francistown Block 6 S21. 12,328, E027. 32,177
Vendor NEven2 North East Francistown bus rank S21. 10,296, E027.30688
Vendor NEven3 North East Gallo Mall S21. 10,391, E027. 30,883
Farm NEfar1 North East Ditladi S21. 26,013, E027. 28,170
Farm NEfar2 North East Gulushabe S21. 28,718, E027. 31,533
Farm NEfar3 North East Gulushabe S21. 26,013, E027. 32,100
Supermarket Csup1 Central Palapye S22. 33,336, E027. 07718
Supermarket Csup2 Central Boiteko junction mall S22. 25,261, E026. 44,709
Supermarket Csup3 Central Mahalapye S23. 06551, E026. 50,014
Vendor Cven1 Central Serorome ward S22. 32,644, E027. 06175
Vendor Cven2 Central Mahalapye Bus rank S23. 06672, E026. 49,973
Vendor Cven3 Central Shoshong S23. 01806, E026. 30,813
Farm Cfar1 Central Serowe S22. 26,013, E026. 44,709
Farm Cfar2 Central Palapye S22. 34,965, E027. 05266
Farm Cfar3 Central Modiane village S23. 06628, E026. 43,079
Supermarket SEsup1 South East Pakhalane S24. 33,836, E025. 58,572
Supermarket SEsup2 South East Rail Park Mall S24. 39,582, E025. 54,124
Supermarket SEsup3 South East Riverwalk Mall S24. 40,548, E025. 56,036
Vendor SEven1 South East Gaborone bus rank S24. 39,516, E025. 54,137
Vendor SEven2 South East Gaborone West S24. 39,575, E025. 54,047
Vendor SEven3 South East Tlogatloga ward S24. 39,089, E025. 53,259
Farm SEfar1 South East Glen Valley S24. 36,864, E025. 58,149
Farm SEfar2 South East Glen Valley S24. 36,500, E025. 58,293
Farm SEfar3 South East Glen Valley S24. 36,256, E025. 58,574
  1. aNEven North East District vendor, NEsup North East district supermarket, NEfar North East district farm, Cven Central district vendor, Csup Central district supermarket, Cfar Central district farm, SEsup South East district supermarket, SEven South East district vendor, SEfar South East district farm; numbers 1, 2, 3 represent replications