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Table 1 Reagents and Materials and their respective analytical purities

From: Pesticides residue analysis in yam from selected markets across Ghana and Belgium: an evaluation of the QUECHERS method

No Reagent Purity (%) Suppliers
1 Acetonitrile 99.9 VWR PRO-LABO
2 Acetone 99.0 ALLtech
3 Water (Milli Q) 100.0 ALLtech
4 Magnesium sulfate anhydrous (MgSo4) 99.5 Thermo Fisher
5 Sodium chloride (NaCl) 99.0 Thermo Fisher
6 Sodiumcitratetribasic dihydrate (C6H2Na3O7 2H2O) 99.0 Thermo Fisher
7 Sodiumhydrogencitrate sesquihydrate (C6H6Na2O7 1.5H2O) 99.0 Thermo Fisher