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Table 1 Detailed description of the operating conditions of the GC

From: Determination of methanol and ethanol concentrations in local and foreign alcoholic drinks and food products (Banku, Ga kenkey, Fante kenkey and Hausa koko) in Ghana

Parameter Value
Injector temperature set point 120 °C
Injector flow rate 21 ml/min
Type of column Packed Column
FFAP 15% Chromosorb which is highly polar
Column flow rate 20 ml/min
Initial oven temperature 60 °C on hold for 5 min
Final oven temperature 120 °C on hold for 5 min
Temperature increases interval at 10 °C/min interval
Detector temperature 250 °C
Reference flow rate 50 ml
Limit Of detection (Methanol) 1.43 × 10−4%Vol
Limit of detection (Ethanol) 1.54 × 10−4%Vol
Limit of quantification (Methanol) 4.77 × 10−4%Vol
Limit of quantification (Ethanol) 5.12 × 10−4%Vol
Recovery Range % 80%–100%