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Table 5 Estimated Dietary Intake (EDI) for individual heavy metals caused by the consumption of different vegetables grown on wastewater-irrigated soils at 5 sub-city administrative areas

From: Heavy metal accumulation and health risk assessment in wastewater-irrigated urban vegetable farming sites of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Administrative areas Vegetable Cd Co Cr Cu Ni Pb Zn
Kolfe Keraniyo Lactuca sativa var. crispa 1.44E-05 1.27E-05 1.31E-04 6.59E-04 1.01E-04 2.40E-04 1.64E-03
Brassica carinata A. Br. 1.56E-05 1.65E-05 1.49E-04 5.50E-04 1.18E-04 2.69E-04 3.08E-03
Beta Vulgaris var. cicla 1.59E-05 2.28E-05 1.05E-04 8.79E-04 1.71E-04 3.34E-04 2.98E-03
Total 4.59E-05 5.20E-05 3.85E-04 2.09E-03 3.89E-04 8.43E-04 7.71E-03
Chirkos Lactuca sativa var. crispa 2.84E-05 1.44E-05 1.43E-04 6.46E-04 4.96E-05 2.27E-04 1.68E-03
Brassica carinata A. Br. 4.26E-05 3.85E-05 2.00E-04 1.06E-03 1.15E-04 4.22E-04 5.19E-03
Beta Vulgaris var. cicla 4.57E-05 5.15E-05 2.32E-04 1.05E-03 1.72E-04 6.70E-04 5.40E-03
Total 1.17E-04 1.04E-04 5.74E-04 2.76E-03 3.37E-04 1.32E-03 1.23E-02
Bole Lactuca sativa var. crispa 1.14E-05 1.20E-05 6.48E-05 4.38E-04 1.01E-04 2.58E-04 1.43E-03
Brassica carinata A. Br. 1.98E-05 2.62E-05 6.13E-05 8.05E-04 1.30E-04 3.15E-04 3.50E-03
Beta Vulgaris var. cicla 2.34E-05 2.96E-05 1.26E-04 1.04E-03 2.14E-04 5.01E-04 3.70E-03
Total 5.47E-05 6.77E-05 2.52E-04 2.29E-03 4.44E-04 1.07E-03 8.63E-03
Nefas Silk Lafto Lactuca sativa var. crispa 2.12E-05 2.54E-05 1.21E-04 6.02E-04 1.33E-04 1.86E-04 1.54E-03
Brassica carinata A. Br. 4.24E-05 3.88E-05 2.75E-04 1.11E-03 2.38E-04 3.73E-04 5.24E-03
Beta Vulgaris var. cicla 5.81E-05 9.65E-05 3.35E-04 1.80E-03 4.55E-04 5.42E-04 4.99E-03
Total 1.22E-04 1.61E-04 7.31E-04 3.51E-03 8.26E-04 1.10E-03 1.18E-02
Akaki Kaliti Lactuca sativa var. crispa 1.94E-05 1.80E-05 8.68E-05 4.65E-04 1.02E-04 1.69E-04 1.55E-03
Brassica carinata A. Br. 2.96E-05 3.82E-05 2.40E-04 9.62E-04 1.71E-04 2.60E-04 4.69E-03
Beta Vulgaris var. cicla 2.93E-05 5.96E-05 1.76E-04 1.77E-03 2.79E-04 4.59E-04 4.20E-03
Total 7.82E-05 1.16E-04 5.03E-04 3.20E-03 5.52E-04 8.88E-04 1.04E-02