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Table 4 Descriptive statistics for the standard plate count between two points

From: Bacteriological milk quality: possible hygienic factors and the role of Staphylococcus aureus in raw bovine milk in and around Gondar, Ethiopia

Milk collection points N MIN Max Mean[±S.E] log10 cfu/ml Log10 increment Df 95% CI for mean P-value
  lower upper  
Directly from teat 60 2.079 6.407 4.5907 [0.117] 0.18 [0.23] 1 4.352 4.832 0.011
Milking buckets 12 3.707 6.436 4.7706 [0.232] 4.369 5.206
  1. Total numbers of samples (N); maximum count (MAX) vs. minimum (MIN) log10 cfu/ml plate counts
  2. Mean [±S.E] log10 cfu/ml = log 10 of colony-forming unit (CFU) above or below standard error (±S.E) in one millilitre of milk sample
  3. Df degree of freedom, I confidence interval