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Table 3 Growth kinetics parameters obtained by fitting the three-phase linear model to Salmonella growth kinetics data for brands #2 and #4, rehydrated to 35% moisture and incubated at 30 °C (see Fig. 3)

From: Assessing the potential for Salmonella growth in rehydrated dry dog food

Kinetics Parameters Brand #2 Brand #4
Lag Phase Duration 4.4 h 2.2 h
Exponential Growth Rate 0.209 Log(CFU/g)/h 0.028 Log(CFU/g)/h
Generation Time 1.4 h 10.8 h
Maximum Population Density 7.3 Log(CFU/g) 6.9 Log(CFU/g)
Time to Nmax (TNmax) 20 h 56 h