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Table 3 Inorganic arsenic exposure for population subgroups based on speciation assumptions (μg/kg/day)

From: Dietary exposure to total and inorganic arsenic in the United States, 2006–2008

Age/Sex groups Scenario 1100% T 0% MS Scenario 2100% T 10% MS Scenario 3100% T 25% MS Scenario 470% T 0% MS Scenario 570% T 10% MS Scenario 670% T 25% MS Scenario 750% T 0% MS Scenario 850% T 10% MS Scenario 950% T 25% MS
Total US F 5.4E-02 6.6E-02 8.4E-02 3.8E-02 5.0E-02 6.8E-02 2.7E-02 3.9E-02 5.7E-02
Total US M 4.6E-02 5.7E-02 7.2E-02 3.3E-02 4.3E-02 5.9E-02 2.3E-02 3.4E-02 4.9E-02
6-11 mo. 1.5E-01 1.5E-01 1.6E-01 1.0E-01 1.1E-01 1.2E-01 7.4E-02 7.9E-02 8.7E-02
M/F 2 yr 2.2E-01 2.4E-01 2.8E-01 1.5E-01 1.8E-01 2.1E-01 1.1E-01 1.3E-01 1.7E-01
M/F 6 yr 1.4E-01 1.6E-01 1.8E-01 9.8E-02 1.2E-01 1.4E-01 7.0E-02 8.8E-02 1.1E-01
M/F 10 yr 8.7E-02 1.0E-01 1.3E-01 6.1E-02 7.6E-02 1.0E-01 4.3E-02 5.9E-02 8.3E-02
F 14–16 yr 5.0E-02 6.1E-02 7.8E-02 3.5E-02 4.6E-02 6.3E-02 2.5E-02 3.6E-02 5.3E-02
M 14–16 yr 6.3E-02 7.2E-02 8.4E-02 4.4E-02 5.3E-02 6.5E-02 3.2E-02 4.0E-02 5.3E-02
F 25–30 yr 5.7E-02 6.8E-02 8.5E-02 4.0E-02 5.1E-02 6.7E-02 2.9E-02 4.0E-02 5.6E-02
M 25–30 yr 5.4E-02 6.4E-02 7.8E-02 3.8E-02 4.8E-02 6.2E-02 2.7E-02 3.7E-02 5.1E-02
F 40–45 yr 4.6E-02 5.6E-02 7.1E-02 3.3E-02 4.2E-02 5.7E-02 2.3E-02 3.3E-02 4.7E-02
M 40–45 yr 4.8E-02 5.7E-02 7.0E-02 3.4E-02 4.3E-02 5.6E-02 2.4E-02 3.3E-02 4.6E-02
F 60–65 yr 3.4E-02 4.9E-02 7.2E-02 2.4E-02 3.9E-02 6.2E-02 1.7E-02 3.2E-02 5.5E-02
M 60–65 yr 4.2E-02 5.5E-02 7.4E-02 2.9E-02 4.2E-02 6.1E-02 2.1E-02 3.4E-02 5.3E-02
F 70 yr 3.3E-02 4.5E-02 6.3E-02 2.3E-02 3.5E-02 5.3E-02 1.7E-02 2.8E-02 4.6E-02
M 70 yr 3.2E-02 4.5E-02 6.4E-02 2.2E-02 3.5E-02 5.4E-02 1.6E-02 2.9E-02 4.8E-02