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Table 2 Total arsenic exposure for 16 population subgroups (μg/kg/day)

From: Dietary exposure to total and inorganic arsenic in the United States, 2006–2008

Core Food groups A. Milk and cheese B. Meat and poultry C. Grains, legumes and seeds D. Fruits and vegetables E. Desserts F. Snacks and breakfast cereals G. Condiments, sugars and sweeteners H. Beverages I. Marine sources Total exposure
Total US F 1.7E-04 5.5E-03 3.5E-02 3.3E-03 1.3E-03 4.4E-03 6.5E-06 3.5E-03 1.2E-01 1.7E-01
Total US M 1.5E-04 4.7E-03 3.1E-02 2.8E-03 1.1E-03 3.8E-03 5.6E-06 3.0E-03 1.0E-01 1.5E-01
6-11 mo. 1.7E-04 3.6E-03 3.9E-02 2.6E-03 3.8E-03 4.5E-02 7.6E-06 5.3E-02 5.2E-02 2.0E-01
M/F 2 yr 7.1E-04 1.4E-02 1.3E-01 8.5E-03 3.4E-03 3.1E-02 1.2E-05 3.5E-02 2.3E-01 4.5E-01
M/F 6 yr 5.0E-04 1.1E-02 7.8E-02 6.3E-03 5.0E-03 3.0E-02 8.6E-06 9.5E-03 1.7E-01 3.1E-01
M/F 10 yr 3.7E-04 6.5E-03 4.8E-02 3.1E-03 3.5E-03 2.3E-02 9.4E-07 2.0E-03 1.6E-01 2.4E-01
F 14–16 yr 2.0E-04 5.3E-03 3.3E-02 2.2E-03 1.3E-03 5.8E-03 3.0E-06 2.3E-03 1.1E-01 1.6E-01
M 14–16 yr 3.0E-04 6.0E-03 4.1E-02 2.5E-03 2.1E-03 9.5E-03 1.1E-05 1.9E-03 8.5E-02 1.5E-01
F 25–30 yr 1.7E-04 5.0E-03 4.1E-02 3.5E-03 1.2E-03 3.2E-03 3.5E-06 3.5E-03 1.1E-01 1.7E-01
M 25–30 yr 2.3E-04 6.9E-03 3.9E-02 2.4E-03 1.0E-03 2.3E-03 3.9E-06 2.4E-03 9.5E-02 1.5E-01
F 40–45 yr 1.0E-04 4.6E-03 3.1E-02 3.4E-03 1.1E-03 2.7E-03 9.2E-06 3.2E-03 9.7E-02 1.4E-01
M 40–45 yr 1.5E-04 6.0E-03 3.2E-02 2.7E-03 1.2E-03 2.8E-03 1.8E-06 3.2E-03 8.8E-02 1.4E-01
F 60–65 yr 1.0E-04 3.2E-03 2.0E-02 3.5E-03 8.5E-04 3.1E-03 1.5E-05 3.1E-03 1.5E-01 1.9E-01
M 60–65 yr 1.2E-04 4.3E-03 2.7E-02 3.5E-03 1.1E-03 2.8E-03 5.7E-06 3.1E-03 1.3E-01 1.7E-01
F 70 yr 7.8E-05 3.7E-03 1.9E-02 4.1E-03 1.0E-03 3.4E-03 7.6E-06 2.2E-03 1.2E-01 1.5E-01
M 70 yr 9.2E-05 4.1E-03 1.7E-02 3.5E-03 9.6E-04 3.1E-03 1.5E-05 2.7E-03 1.3E-01 1.6E-01